Here are some great apps available through the Apple app store. All of these apps have a free trial and deluxe edition.
Table of Apps

Here are some activities to do anytime!
- Say two words and ask if they rhyme. “Cat hat. Do those words rhyme?” “Jeep coat. Do those words rhyme?”
- Ask them to give you a rhyming word. “What is a word that rhymes with cat?” “What is a word that rhymes with chair?” (some words to pick from: cat, chair, mug, hit, fed, hop, let, book, can, frog)
- Ask what sound words start with. “What sound does floor start with?” “What sound does sky start with?”

Storyline Online
Phonics Dance Video
Starfall Alphabet
Bookflix (scroll all the way to the bottom and enter bookflix923)

Beginning Sounds:

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