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Wadsworth City Schools provides Wi-Fi access to staff and students who bring their own devices.  This access is filtered and recorded (see privacy statement under the resources section of this page).  Staff and students can connect their personal devices to either WCS-Staff or WCS-Student wireless networks.  Specifically, staff can bring in any device, and students may bring in a mobile device (e.g. cell phone) if it is allowed at the student's school.  Students may not bring in their own laptops (Windows, Mac, Linux) as we provide district Chromebooks for school use exclusively.  Follow the directions included in the link on the right to connect your device to one of these networks.  


Using this access requires a certificate to be installed on the device as well as sign in to your wadsworthschools.org google account.  Personal device web traffic is not tracked or recorded while outside of the school building.  You only need to install the certificate once.  After installing, you may need to restart your phone/device.  Open a browser on your device and sign in to your wadsworthschools.org google account to authenticate.

iOS Devices (iPad / iPhone)
Download the certificate here within Safari while on your iPhone.
Click here for step by step directions for installing and allowing the certificate.  (at the end of the directions is a video for you to follow)

Android Devices (phones and tablets)
Please Note - You must have a screen pattern lock or password on your device to be able to do this. 
Download the certificate from here while in Chrome on your Android device.
Please watch this video to see more details on how to configure your Android phone with our building WiFi. 


Mac (OS X) - staff only
Download the certificate here within a web browser while on your Mac laptop (recommended).
Click here to watch a video on how to use the installer.

Personal Windows PC - staff only
Download the installer here which will install the certificate for you.
(You need admin rights on your device to do this, which you likely will have)
Click here for step by step directions.


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Student Registration

Wadsworth City Schools utilizes FinalForms for online student registration system.  

You may access the link to register your student(s) here.

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