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What Comes in a Lunch?


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Food Services Phone Number: 330-335-1365 ... listen for the kitchen you would like to reach!    

On-Line Free/Reduced Applications

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- On-Line Free/Reduced Meal Application Link

- Fee Waiver Form for families approved for Free Meals- Printer Version

- Income Eligibilty Application, for state funding purposes

Free and Reduced Meal Application for P-EBT Qualification

Breakfast Press Release for 2021-2022

Press Release for 2021-2022

BREAKFAST MENUS: All Student Meal Prices: $.30 Reduced; $1.70 Full Price; $1.90 Adults
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Additional Info


The USDA has made the committment to serve all school aged children FREE Breakfast and Lunches again this school year! You heard it right! Here's the only catch, the kids in grades 7-12 will have a bit more flexibility to choose what goes on their tray, they need to select a fruit or a vegetable, and two other choices. Choices include: entree, grain item, or milk. All 5 choices may be taken. If they choose not to take a minimum of 3 items, they will be charged at al a cart pricing. Milk cannot be given without a full meal. 2nd meals will be charged at normal pricing. 

Menu/Food Distribution Problems:

Here's a brief video helping to explain the food shortages that we are facing, not only as a school district, but on a National level.

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Putting a Spotlight on Nutrition:


  • Try including spinach or baby kale into recipes at home in order to get your children used to the flavors! Start out with adding favorite ingredients like bacon or garlic with the veggies to entice them!
  • Short on time? Try adding more steamed vegetable side dishes to go with your favorite protein. Veggies cook faster and add more fiber and vitamins to your meals than pasta or rice.
  • Whole grain breads have been added to the school meal plan for a few years now, try purchasing the whole grain breads for home!
  • Want the kids to drink more water? Try filling their glass at meal times so they can just drink what’s in their cup. Want them to have milk instead? Fill the cup with the amount you would like them to consume.
  • Try to eat a variety of color groups of veggies at meal and snack times. Each color group offers a different set of vitamins and nutrients.




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