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Lynn Decker

When students and staff are healthy, learning is greatest and everyone is able to accomplish the most. It is very important for students to develop healthy habits that will follow them throughout their lives. As the school nurse in Wadsworth City Schools, I am available to talk to you if you have concerns about your student’s health. Before school starts in the fall, if I am aware of your child’s medical condition, I will send you a form asking you to update us about the condition and how it might affect school. If necessary, we can meet at any time during the year to make an Individualized Health Plan for your child. We will be doing State-mandated vision and hearing screenings in various grades to assure that your child is able to do his/her best work in school. Please contact me with questions or concerns at (330) 335-1403.

Lynn Decker BSN, RN


Health Aides

Each school has a school health aide present in the building from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  


IEP Eye Exam

When a child is initially identified with a disability, the Amended Substitute House Bill 95 passed in 2003 requires students to have an eye exam within 90 days of that date. If your child has had an eye exam within the last nine months, the requirement is waived and we need only to have a copy of the exam report from your doctor. If you have questions about the IEP eye exam, please go to for information on the requirements and how to find a doctor.


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Student Registration

Wadsworth City Schools utilizes FinalForms for online student registration system.  

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