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Jessica Widmer
Transportation Supervisor


Jessy Widmer, Transportation Supervisor

Versatrans - E-link

E-Link is the way to view your student’s bus information.

E-Link provides access to your student’s individual bus information giving you the most accurate information throughout the school year.

Transportation - Other than Residence

If you need to use a Bear Cub Academy, Babysitter/Daycare service for your child, please complete the Transportation - Other than Residence form (found on the right under Parents/Guardians).  This form must be completed and returned to the Transportation Department prior to bus stop approval (please note any changes in Transportation could take up to 3 days).


Have you Moved?

Please submit two (2) proof of residency to your child's school office that they attend.  No bus stop changes will be approved until the Transportation Office receive notification from the school and then it could take up to 3 days to make the change).


Riding Different buses than Assigned

The District recognizes there are emergency circumstances that require students to ride a bus other than their normal bus.  Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the safety of all students:

  • A note from the parent/guardian should be sent to the building principal requesting that the child/children be transported to a friend's/relative's home.
  • The note must state the reasons for the request, timeframe and specify where the parent/guardian can be reached in case a need arises.
  • This note should be presented to the building principal in the morning for his/her signature.
  • The above-signed note must be presented to the bus driver by the student before the child can be transported. (Please note: we do not transport students to job sites.)


Please note emergency situations do not include play dates, school projects, or sporting events.  These types of situations would not be considered an emergency circumstance that would warrant a chance to ride a different bus than normally assigned.


Thank you in advance for your understanding to continue to provide a safe environment for the students being transported by Wadsworth City Schools.



Ensure Student Safety by stopping for Buses with Red Flashing Lights

Our concern for student safety extends outside our school buildings, particularly when students are getting on and off the bus at their stops.  There have been a large number of vehicles in our city that are not stopping when our buses have their red lights flashing.  The Wadsworth Police Department has issued 21 citations this year to drivers that have run the red flashing lights.  This puts students in harm’s way of getting hit.

The law says:  if a bus is stopped on a street or road with fewer than four (4) lanes, all traffic in both directions must stop.  If a bus is stopped on a street or road with more than four (4) lanes, only the traffic proceeding in the same direction as the bus must stop.  If in doubt, stop!

The big concern is the Route 261 area by Wadsworth Crossing and Highland Avenue between Route 261 and Broad Street.  The penalty for running through the red lights on a bus could cost up to $500 and a 1-year suspension of the driver’s license.

Please help get the word out on how important it is to stop for the red lights on a school bus.  




Jessy Widmer, Transportation Supervisor
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