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Welcome Parents of Music Students.   My name is Diana J. Gorsuch.   I have been in Wadsworth City Schools teaching elementary music for 20 years..   I love my job and I love spending time with your students educating them in the arts.  The brain and the arts are so powerful and this is the most crucial time for forming our future.  I also enjoy raising my son, Alex, who keeps me on my toes and keeps me up to date in the modern music world.  

Our monthly chart for January is being passed out this week.  Look for the chart in your childs take home folder.  Enjoy listening to new music and going to sleep with soft, classical music without words.  Let  me know your results as an adult as well.  

4th grade will begin recorders soon.  Learning to read music and associate fingerings and rhythm patterns all together is quite a feat.  Please be patient and encourage your child to practice at home.  Please take the time to sit down with them and help them out.  We have a website that the students can also practice with:

We also have a Music Play Online website that we use in music class for all grade levels that you can experience at home.    The students will need to type in :   student  and the password is music2018

Classical Music Listening Log                   Name _________________________________

                                                                  Teacher, Grade __________________________



Dear Parents of Music Students,


In order to try to further the music experience of my students, I would love to have your assistance.  On the back of this letter is a listening chart. Please place a checkmark in each box as your child listens to music and feel free to write in what music or composer they have chosen to listen to.  Please turn this chart in before the end of January and sign it. I would like for your children to listen to classical music of all sorts during the day and during the evening.


During the day, I would love for them to just experience all types of musicalities possible.  One particular set of CD’s that I enjoy is the PUTAMAYO KIDS CDs.  These CD’s encompass a variety of cultures for listening during the day.  You may also find this a unique way to communicate with your children about other cultures.  This would maybe include a visit to the Wadsworth Library, located downtown on the public square.  The contact information is as follows:


    Wadsworth Public Library

    132 Broad St.

    Wadsworth, OH  44281

    (330) 334-5761

For the evening, I would prefer the students to listen to calm, low volume, orchestral music without words.  Some of the greatest composers are Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and so on. The list is incredibly endless, as are the possibilities.  Please visit the local library and have fun. YouTube is a great source for listening to music as well. My son types classical music in the search bar and sets a timer for one hour, then off to sleep he goes.  I believe this be a peaceful way for our children to slumber off.


I hope you all enjoy this new adventure we are embarking on in music class.  Please feel free to contact me via email. Have a great month of learning new and exciting music with your child.   

Thank you so much for your cooperation in this activity.  


Ms.  Gorsuch

WCS Music Specialist



Diana J. Gorsuch


Elementary Music Specialist

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