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Mrs. Doepker teaches Language Arts and Social Studies and Mr. Stoner teaches Math and Science.  Mrs. Johnson is our team Intervention Specialist and she co-teaches Language Arts and Math.  If there is anything you would like to share with us or have a need to ask, please email or call.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year with the students of Team Impact and CIS!  Feel free to contact us at anytime by clicking on our names above.

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Chapter 8 Study Guide

Mr. Stoner's Math Quizlet

Ohio AIR Practice Test

Other AIR Practice Tests

Common Core Standards for Math

6th Grade Math Basic Practice

Khan Academy

NCTM Illuminations

Power Lines


Language Arts

March Madness Book Tournament

Holt Online Literature Textbook

Spelling City

Lexile Assessment for Students

Lexile Website

Fiction, Figuratives and Fantastic!!

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Energy Study Guide

Science Fusion

Mr. Stoner's Science Quizlet

Body Systems Webquest

Cell Organelles Video

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Roller Coaster Lab

The Moving Man

Fireworks Webquest

Create Your Own Fireworks Display

Element Resource #1

Element Resource #2

Element Resource #3

Element Resource #4

Element Resource #5 (scroll to the bottom after it opens)

Build an Atom Simulation

Mineral Uses

Mineral Fireworks

Mineral Groups

Mineral ID Challenge

Discover a Mineral Project I

Discover a Mineral Project II

Discover a Mineral Project III

Discover a Mineral Project IV

Interactive Rock Cycle

Science News for Kids

Science Tic-Tac-Toe Board


Social Studies

Cultural Fair World Atlas 

Cultural Fair World Fact Book

Cultural Fair Geography

Cultural Fair Fact Monster

Cultural Fair Country Reports

Cultural Fair Country Info 

Cultural Fair Maps of the World

Cultural Fair Encyclopedia of Nations

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