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1. I've tried installing Screencastify but I get an error that the app isn't whitelisted.  How can I use Screencastify?

Answer: Screencastify is a Chome Extension, and it is already installed.  Look for it in your Chrome browser and here is what it looks like.screencastify

2. My students can't watch a YouTube video either on the web or in a Google Slide.  What can I do about this?  

Answer: All staff members are able to approve videos by clicking the "Approve" button.  Then send the web link of the video to your student(s).  Any video that they can't see you must click Approve for them.  You MUST then send the link to that video to your students via email or Google Classroom.  Students cannot search and find non-approved videos on YouTube.  You have to send them the link.  HINT: You can also approve an entire channel as well, and email a link to the channel if that helps.  youtube approve

3. I am trying to use the camera on my camera but it says that it is not connected.

Answer: First off, please go to this website https://webcamtests.com/ and then click allow when it asks for permission to use your webcam.  There will be a button in the middle to test your webcam if it is detected.  Run the test.  This should tell us if there is a physical issue or not.


If you and/or your students are using Zoom (or any other website that requires webcam or microphone access) and having issues with the camera or microphone not functioning properly please view this video by clicking here.  The video shows how to allow microphone and camera access for any website that requires it to help troubleshoot the issue.

4. I'm familiar with taking a screenshot on windows with the Snipping Tool or on Mac with the keyboard shortcuts.  But how do I do this on a Chromebook?

Answer: The site Digital Trends produced a great answer to this question with the answers.  You can definitely take full or partial screenshots on a Chromebook!  Click here to read that article

5. How do I check my voicemail from home?

Answer: Dial 330-335-1434 and enter your extension.  Then you will be prompted for your password and then hit #

6. When I log into ThinkCentral my screen is blank.  What can I do about this?

Answer. The content from ThinkCentral is being blocked by the district’s adblocker.  Watch this 30-second video on how to turn it off (click here to watch the video).

7. How do I enable desktop notifications for Gmail? 

Answer: Click here to watch this video on how to enable desktop notifications for your email.

8. ProgressBook won't load on my Chromebook.  I've restarted it and the problem is still there.  What do I do?

Answer: You need to clear your Chromebook's browsing data, then it will work.  Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner, go down to more tools, then over to "Clear browsing data".  Change the Time range to "All time" and then click the blue button that says "Clear data". Restart your Chromebook and then it will work great.  Click here to view a Google support document on this process.  

9. The Chromebook is telling me "To unlock and restore your local data, please enter your old Chromebook password".  What should I do?

Answer: Follow the directions found at this web address.  Click here to view the answer

10.  My teacher-issued Dell Chromebook will not turn on.  What do you suggest I do?

Answer: Plug in your Chromebook with the lid closed, and leave it alone for 15 minutes.  Next, with it still plugged in, open the lid.  Finally, press and hold the power button for a FULL 60-seconds.  

11.  How do I print from a Chromebook?

Answer: Here is a great article from The Verge that talks about accomplishing printing from a Chromebook.  Also, there is a very comprehensive support article from Google that is helpful as well

12.  Everything on my Chromebook is too small for me to see, is there any way to change that?

Answer: Click on the time in the lower right-hand corner, then click on the gear for Settings.
Click on Device on the left side of the screen, then click on Display in the middle of the screen.  Adjust the slider to make all text and images bigger to your liking.

13.  My Chromebook is going to sleep every 6 minutes, and that is getting hard to deal with.  Can I adjust that? 

Answer:  It is not adjustable in your device settings.  However, you can get an extension to keep your Chromebook from going to sleep.  The extension is called Keep Awake, click here while on your Chromebook to view it and install it.  Once added, click the Moon and change it to the Sun.  When it's on the Sun, your Chromebook won't go to sleep.  :)  Pretty simple yes?
keep awake chrome extension


14. My Chromebook says that it is either low or critically low on space, what should I do?  I can't record any more Screencastify videos!

Answer:  You can reclaim a lot of space just from deleting browser cache files and/or delete items in your Downloads.  Please click here to learn more about how recording Screencastify videos works.  Please click here to read a support article from Google on how to free up space on a Chromebook.   

You can also change the default location of files that you download to be your Google Drive.  Please note, if you change this to be Google Drive, and you download a large file, and your home Internet Upload Bandwidth is slow, it will take some time to save the file.  Watch this video to see how to make this change.

Erasing your Chromebook completely and starting again may actually be your best option if you are still having difficulties.  This can fix nearly ALL issues, but you need to watch this video carefully.  Click here to watch a video and find out how.  If you are presented with "Enterprise Enrollment" afterward, please type in your FULL WCS Google E-mail address (i.e. pluthman@wadsworthschools.org) and press Next.  Then enter your Google password and you will have successfully re-enrolled your device.  Only staff can do this, not students.  

15. How do I enable two-factor authentication on my Google account?

Answer: Please watch this video, click here, to see the steps needed to enable two-factor authentication.  

16. How do I get closed captioning on my Screencastify videos?

Answer: Bree McNeill has discovered a fantastic workaround that is incredibly simple!  Take your recorded Screencastify video and load it into your own YouTube channel.  Then share the link from there.  Closed captioning works from YouTube.  You can find YouTube by clicking on the waffle and then choosing YouTube.  That takes you to your work YouTube account where you can upload videos there.  Once a video is posted to your YouTube account, you can share out the link to that new YouTube video, and closed captioning will be available.  

17. How can I quickly get a whiteboard on my Zoom or Google Meet meeting?

Answer: There are several ways actually to accomplish this.  The easiest way that works for all platforms is to create a Jamboard.  Click on the waffle icon and then click Jamboard.  If you don't see it, please go to https://jamboard.google.com.  This creates a virtual whiteboard that you can share with others to edit at the same time.  All you have to do is share that window/application or your entire screen so your students can see it.  The next hurdle to overcome is how to draw on it.  Elizabeth Davis shared with me a clever way to do this on any device, click here to read about that.  There are features of Zoom that incorporate a whiteboard, but you must be on a PC, Mac, or iPad to use those features as they are not compatible with a Chromebook.  Lastly, you can borrow a district iPad if you teach math and want to write with a stylus on the glass, just contact Phil Luthman.  

18. How can a parent send a photo/video/file to their child to then turn in that work in Google Classroom?

Answer: You need to have the parent install the Google Drive app on their smartphone, sign in as the student, and upload the file.  Click here to watch a video of Phil detailing the entire process.

19. Screencastify videos are taking a very long time to upload since a Chromebook wipe or Chromebook update.  Is there anything that I can do?

Answer: There does seem to be an update to the Screencastify extension that takes effect when you update or wipe a Chromebook.  Here are two suggestions.  1.  Click on the Screencastify extension, then click the gear in the upper-right for settings, and change the "limit resolution" to 720p.  After you have made this change, try to record a video and see if the process has improved.  If you want to increase the process further try this.  2.  Click on the Screencastify extension, then click the three horizontal bars in the upper-left corner, then click on Options.  A new tab appears with Screencastify Options.  Scroll down to the bottom under Advanced and click on "Quality vs. File Size".  Change this to say "Medium".  It is my hunch that the default used to be medium, and after a Chromebook wipe or update, the default has changed to the highest quality.  



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