Device Troubleshooting

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Device Issues?

Inevitably, a problem can arise with your device that you can't get past.  Your microphone won't work, the camera app won't load, Screencastify doesn't start, a specific webpage won't load, etc.  We've compiled a list of troubleshooting steps to help you solve nearly any problem.


Chromebook Troubleshooting (***follow these in order***):

1.  Press and hold the power button until you see Power Off on the screen.  Click Power Off.  Then turn your Chromebook back on.  This resolves 75% of issues. 

1a. If your Chromebook won't turn on?  Make sure the AC adapter is plugged in.  Press and hold the power button for a full 60 seconds.  Close the lid of the Chromebook and count to 10.  Open the lid and don't touch anything, wait 30 seconds for the Chromebook to turn on.  

2.  Clear your browsing data.  Close all open Chrome Browser windows.  Open a new Chrome browser window.  Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper-right.  Click on "More tools" and then "Clear browsing data...".  Choose the time range "All time" and click the blue "Clear data" button in the lower-right corner.  Close Chrome and re-open.  See if your issue is resolved.

3.  Make sure the Chromebook is up to date.  Click on the time, then the gear icon at the top, then on the settings window that pops-up click in the lower-left corner on "About Chrome OS" and click the button that says "Check for updates" or it might say "click to restart to complete the update".  The bottom line, make sure your Chromebook is up to date.  See if your issue is resolved if an update was performed.

4.  Erase the Chromebook.  Click on the white circle in the lower-left, expand the tray with the little arrow, and click on Files.  This opens a file browser window.  Anything that is inside of "My files" will be deleted.  If you have items you want to save, drag them to your Google Drive on the left.  Next, click here to watch a video showing you exactly how to erase your Chromebook.  Or if you want text directions, here they are:

Device Erase Procedure:

(note, anything in the Downloads folder on the Chromebook will be erased, but everything in Google Drive and Google Classroom is safe and resides in the cloud)

  1. Press and hold these keys: ESC, Refresh  , Power 
  2. You'll see an orange exclamation point appear, press the Control and "D" keys together
  3. Then you want to disable OS verification, press ENTER
  4. Then you will want to re-enable OS verification, press SPACE
  5. Press Enter to confirm you want to re-enable OS verification
  6. The Chromebook will reboot and local data will be cleared
  7. When it comes back up, join your home Wi-Fi.  
  8. Enterprise Enrollment (Likely this will be automatic, but if it isn't, enter your student's full email address.  For example (by typing the full email address it erases the in the field there).  Then enter the student's password.

5.  If none of these steps fix the problem you are experiencing with your device, then please fill out this form (click here). 



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