Elementary students should be engaged in online learning one to two hours per day. Last Updated: 3/27/2020 2:02 PM

Please aim for quality rather than quantity in terms of work.  Especially at the beginning, it is important to support students emotionally, as this is new and different.  Please be mindful of how big of a change this is.  

  • Check e-mail at least twice a day and respond in a timely manner.
  • Each day, teachers should connect with students through video in some way.  This can either be a recorded video or a live video, but seeing you will provide a lot of comfort to your students.  Videos should be posted by 9 am daily.    
  • All teachers should use Google Classroom to post assignments.  Google Classroom does not have limits on the size of video you post and it will provide a consistent platform for students and parents.  Please include your principal in your Google Classroom.    
  • Teachers should rely on Board adopted curricular products, as parents/students are used to them.  Additionally, these products are rostered nightly, so any student who is new will automatically appear in these products.  We realize you are getting many, many offers of free products right now, but sticking with the Board adopted curricular products will help you monitor class lists and offer some consistency for students.  Of course, please feel free to supplement with other activities, but be cautious of anything where you are entering student names into a product because of data privacy issues and potential issues in terms and conditions.  Providing a link to a student for an activity is acceptable.  
  • Teachers should plan to have some type of daily availability to students/parents to answer questions and/or provide assistance.
  • Tutors and anyone providing additional support to students should coordinate with the classroom teacher so that students are not overwhelmed.  Tutors should be providing extra assistance to students twice per week.  
  • Do not assign work that requires the downloading or printing of work, as this may not be possible in some homes.  
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