Best Practices for Success

Last Updated: 12/9/2020 5:37 PM


When working with video conferencing tools, there are some items to pay attention to that can really set you up for success.  Here are a few for you:


  • Wear earphones that have a built-in microphone (Apple AirPods, Google Pixel Buds, Samsung Galaxy Buds, or any wired earbuds that have a built-in microphone).  Likely some came with your smartphone.  Contact Phil Luthman if you need some though, we have extra.

  • Check your device's Internet bandwidth capabilities.  Visit and run a test.  You should have at least 20Mb/s download and 5Mb/s upload.  Upload is really the key here.  If your upload speed is poor, your video will be pixelated, the audio will be choppy, stutter and sync issues will occur, things will cut in and out, or you could drop altogether from the conference.  Each Google Meet session will consume 3Mb/s down and 3Mb/s up.

  • Close all tabs/windows except what is necessary for your video conference.  Using multiple tabs and/or programs consumes a lot of your CPU capability.  Video conferencing is VERY demanding on a computer and uses a great deal of your CPU when running.  

  • Look DIRECTLY into the webcam when you are speaking to the group.  Typically it is at the top of the screen.  This is harder to do than you think.  This leads to a far more personal experience for the meeting.  

  • Make sure your device is plugged into AC power.  This is important because video conferencing is incredibly demanding on any device.  When your device is on battery, it slows down the processing power significantly to preserve the battery, which can lead to unexpected problems on a video conference. 

  • Change your Google Meet Layout to Spotlight.  This will consume far less CPU usage from your Chromebook this way.

  • Mute your audio when you aren't speaking.

  • Mute your video when you need to get up and leave briefly.

  • Make use of the Chat feature to improve communication and troubleshoot issues if they occur



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