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Paris, France Trip 2019! France Trip 2019

These are pictures from the trip that students took to Paris, France in June of 2019.  We will add to the collection each day.  Enjoy. 



Graduation 2019! Graduation 2019 photos!

Graduation 2019 Photos by Glen Rutherford! 

Prom 2019! Promenade 2019!

Please enjoy the pictures from the 2019 Promenade provided by Mr. Glen Rutherford!  Thank you to Glen Rutherford Photography and their great work! 

volunteer Freshman Orientation Volunteers

Juniors (Class of 2020), this is the sign up form for Freshmen Orientation for this coming August. If you are interested in helping out, and obtaining your volunteer hours (10 total) for graduation, please fill out this form with the completed information. Only use your approved Wadsworth school email address.

Let Mr. Sieber know if you have any questions.



Summer Camps 2019 Coding & STEM Camps 2019

Registration for our Summer Camps is now open for Public School Students from Wadsworth, Barberton, and Norton!

Registration for STEM Camp will CLOSE FRIDAY JUNE 14th, 2019 at 4:00 PM.