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Mrs.  Sandra Kurt:  Honors Algebra, Honors Geometry                                        


Mrs.  Mary Beth Baxley:  Honors Algebra II Trig., Honors Geometry, Geometry  

Mrs.  Jessica Gibson:  Algebra II A, Algebra I , Algebra 2                  

Mr.  Mark Postak:  Precalculus, Calculus with Precalculus, AP Statistics                           

Mr. Austin Hanna:  Algebra 1, Honors Algebra

Mr.  Michael Schmeltzer:  Precalculus, Algebra II

Mrs.  Michelle Farr:  Algebra II B, Algebra II, College Math                       

Mr.  John Thompson:  Geometry                    

Mrs.  Anthony Boytim, Algebra I and Intro to College Math                      

Mrs. Allison Parsons:  Honors Algebra II Trig., Precalculus                 


Important Information



The math department recommends but not require the purchase of either the TI-83 or TI-84 Plus caclulator for all students taking Algebra I or above.  Please see the following link for details regarding these two models.      Texas Instrument


Special Supplies (other than paper, pencils, and calculators):

Mr. Thompson-  Graph paper


Additional Info

Classroom Pages

Postak (Calc. w/ Pre-Calc)

Postak (Precalculus)

Thompson (Geometry)

Thompson (Algebra 2A)

Farr (Algebra 2)

Farr (College Math)

Farr (Algebra 1)

Parsons (Alg. 2 Trig)

Parsons (Pre-Calc)

Gibson (Algebra 1)

Gibson (Hon. Alg. 1)

Gibson (Algebra 2)




Online textbook, review activities.

Content Standards

View the new mathematics standards.

Khan Academy 

Instructional videos and extra practice.




Interactive algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus software.

Promethean Planet

Software to support classroom lessons.

Equation Editor

Create and edit mathematics